Radiation badge on pocket graphic 

Personal Dosimetry Service

Solutions for ESR (formerly NRL) Customers

If you are presently a customer of the ESR personal dosimetry service, then instadose™ is an ideal replacement badge for their TLD badge product (which many customers continue to refer to as their "film badge").

Genesis Ultra TLD badges from RadPro are also an ideal replacement for any whole-body radiation badges available from ESR and have the added ability of being approved to measure exposure to beta radiation and a minimum reporting dose of 0.01 mSv.

The MeasuRing™ dosimeter is a direct replacement for ring dosimeters supplied by ESR.  MeasuRing is available in four sizes, small (16.1mm), medium (18.1mm), large (20.6mm) and extra-large (23.4mm) and provides excellent mechanical and dosimetric performance.  We also provide a Flex Ring finger dosimeter product which is a one size fits all solution.

RadPro manages your centre and wearer data as is presently done by ESR but we will also provide you with read-only online access to your account data as well as electronic dose reports.  For approved customers, we can provide you with access to online systems that put you in control of your own account wearers and badges.