Personal Dosimetry Service

Becoming a New Customer

The first thing we ask you to do before you become a customer is to read our terms and conditions.  By requesting RadPro to supply you with a personal monitoring service you are agreeing to be bound by these terms and conditions.  If you are acting on behalf of a business or some other entity you must have the power and authority to bind that business or entity to these terms and conditions.

Next we need you to complete an Account Establishment Form.  Usually we only need one of these forms completed for each new customer irrespective of how many locations (or departments) we are supplying within your organisation.  We use the details you provide on this form to establish your account in our accounting system.

We need to know about the different groups of dosimeters we need to supply.  A wearer list is used to describe an individual group of dosimeters that have some meaning to you such as a department within your facility (e.g. Radiology, Theatre, Endoscopy etc.) or a remote site or a branch office.  The Service Establishment Form is used to tell us about each wearer list, who we need to keep contact with, who we should send reports and notifications to and how your ordering process works.  As long as dosimeters are being shipped to the same location (or department) at the same issue frequency, you can mix and match dosimeter types (e.g. rings and badges) and wearing positions (e.g. extremity, torso and collar) on the same location.

Finally we need to know about the actual wearers associated with each of the wearer lists you have told us about.  If you only have a few wearers you can use the form provided to list these.  The wearer list should include any area or equipment monitors and spare badges you require.  If you have wearers using multiple dosimeters, please enter a separate line for each dosimeter type or wearing position.  If you have a large number of wearers you can send us a spread sheet file or any other electronic document containing your wearer details.  If you don't have electronic records of your wearers, we can work off a copy of your latest issue or dose report from your present personal dosimetry service provider if this makes things easier for you.

Return completed forms to us by email.  Please refer to our terms and conditions for information regarding new accounts and our payment terms.

We understand that every customer is different and we are happy to talk with you about the most effective way of migrating your wearers over to RadPro with the least amount of work for you and with the greatest level of accuracy.