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Welcome to Radiation Protection Services, specialist providers of radiation protection services to users of ionising radiation.

Mirion Dose Central® Replacing AMP and AMP+ from the 15th of May

Mirion are scheduled to rollout their new online platform on the 15th of May and there will be significant changes when you logon from this time.  To date we have been unable to secure early access to the new platform, and like our customers, we will be experiencing it for the first time on this date.  We will be updating our documentation as soon as we have access to Dose Central®.   As we expect to be very busy following the rollout, it would be appreciated if any support requests could be emailed through to us rather than phoning.  Customers are asked to check back here regularly for information as it comes to hand.

Personal and Workplace Monitoring

We provide the most comprehensive range of personal and workplace monitoring solutions available in New Zealand, all backed by our local in-house expertise.  If you're not using RadPro, you are paying too much for monitoring.  If you're still using ESR then you are paying way too much for monitoring and are you really that comfortable using a service from the same organisation who is auditing you on behalf of ORS? 

Survey Meters for NDM Users

Before you purchase a survey meter to use with your NDM, we encourage you to contact us for advice about choosing a suitable instrument.  There are many types of survey instruments available, each intended for a different application or range of applications and it is important to understand the subtle and not so subtle differences between instrument types.  In particular, if you are considering purchasing a Radiation Alert Ranger or Monitor 200 please contact us first so we can explain some of its important characteristics in relation to ORS C12 and its use with an NDM.





Online Account Management for Customers

» MY AMP+ (for TLD and instadose+ customers)

» MY DOSE REVIEW (for individual TLD wearers)

» MY INSTADOSE AMP (for instadose customers)

» View the current status of all online systems...

COVID-19 Service Updates

We continue to experience longer service times with international freight movement, in particular with outbound freight to the US and expect this situation to continue until international service capacity improves and the more direct routes reinstated.  Steps have been taken to mitigate the outbound delays, at least somewhat, but reporting times will be pushed out by 5-7 days.  Mirion are also quarantining all in-bound parcels for two days prior to handling these.

The normal address below for returns and calibration is in service again.  It is important to include the C/- Avonhead PostShop line as there are a lot of tenancies located at this address.

RadPro (Returns)
C/- Avonhead PostShop
210 Withells Road
Christchurch 8042