Personal Dosimetry Service

instadose+ Dosimeter

The instadose+ dosimeter is a small, rugged dosimeter based on patented direct ion storage technology.  Instadose+ dosimeters use Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology to transmit dose data.  Smart devices with BLE technology (e.g. Apple "i" devices or Android-based devices) are used to capture reads from instadose+ badges that are within range. PCs with an instaLink-USB dongle can also capture reads as can a dedicated instaLink hotspot station.

A configurable calendar is used to set automatic read dates.  At the scheduled date, the badge will attempt to transmit dose data.  If communication does not occur, the badge will attempt to communicate every hour for 24 hours without intervention.  If the dosimeter is unable to communicate, the data will be stored until the next successful connection is established.  Additionally, manual reads can be performed at any time by pressing the button on the back of the badge.

Benefits for your facility include:

  • Automatic collection of dose data from wearers
  • Elimination of the badge collection process
  • No more late return badge fees
  • Increased compliance
  • Reading intervals set for dose trending
  • Tracking and controlling dose for high risk employees
  • Alerting emails sent when a dose exceeds a user-specified level

With the supporting apps and online account tools, administrators can manage all the elements of their radiation monitoring program anytime and from anywhere.


Radiation type (energy) Photon (5 keV - 6 MeV)

Reporting units Millisieverts (mSv)

Minimum reportable dose 0.03 mSv

Useful dose range 0.01 mSv - 5 Sv*

*The instadose+ badge can be read at your facility up to a cumulative dose of 120 mSv.  For exposures exceeding this amount arising from either an occupational incident or from use outside of occupational monitoring, the badge will need to be sent back to RadPro for processing and reporting.  Depending on the circumstances of such an event, an additional service fee or a replacement dosimeter fee may apply.

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