Personal Dosimetry Service

Instadose™ Dosimeter

The instadose™ dosimeter is a small, rugged dosimeter based on patented direct ion storage technology.

This breakthrough technology provides radiation workers with a precise measurement of radiation dose and includes accurate long-term exposure tracking.

Immediate dose readings can be performed from any Windows or Apple computer with Internet access by connecting the instadose dosimeter to a USB port and logging into a secure online account.

There is no need to send instadose badges back to RadPro for routine processing, simplifying administration and reducing costs.

Benefits for your facility include:

  • Unlimited real-time dose readings online
  • Dose reports maintained online
  • Online badge reassignment

And remember:

  • NO badge collection
  • NO battery replacements or calibration

With the online Account Management Program (AMP) account administrators can manage all the elements of a radiation monitoring program online anytime, from anywhere.  From location administration to managing individual wearers and devices, AMP provides real time access to account details, device assignments and reports.

Individual wearers can logon to AMP and perform readings on devices assigned to them, report their own data reading and radiation exposure history and update their e-mail address, phone number and AMP password.

The instadose badge can be read at your facility up to a cumulative dose of 120 mSv.  For exposures exceeding this amount arising from either an occupational incident or from use outside of occupational monitoring, the badge will need to be sent back to RadPro for processing and reporting.  Depending on the circumstances of such an event, an additional service fee or a damaged dosimeter fee may apply.

Radiation type (energy) Photon (5 keV - 6 MeV)

Reporting quantity Personal dose equivalent at a depth of:
10 mm (deep)
3 mm (eye)
0.07 mm (skin)

Reporting units Millisieverts (mSv)

Minimum reportable dose 0.03 mSv

Useful dose range 0.01 mSv - 5 Sv

Download the instadose™ Dosimeter Datasheet

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